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hello everybody – my name is AUDREY

My name is Audrey Siegl, I am Musqueam and I was born, raised, and live on our reserve in what is now called Vancouver. As I grew up I had the good fortune of spending time with community elders born around the turn of the century and it was the guidance and teachings I witnessed them live by that saved me from self-destruction in my twenties.


Life in Canada is hostile towards Indigenous women and I watched as myself and my sister spiraled into a life of drug/alcohol addiction, a story that’s all too familiar. I watched as doctors and counsellors dismissed us because they just didn’t understand what it’s like being an Indigenous woman in Canada. After years of battling her demons, we lost my sister to a fentanyl overdose in 2019 and then my mom not long after. After 40 years of living a life of service, I was forced to discover who I was. It’s the teachings I carry in my heart from the old-timers that helped raise me that continue to aid me on my journey of healing. The grounding of their timeless love and guidance is the light I lost when I was in darkness. Now, if I can be that light for someone else, I will.


Personal one on one interviews


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Our communities thrive with understanding kindness, compassion, and acceptance

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