Kindness, Compassion, Acceptance

Healthier communities start with us.

Supporting our communities means supporting each other.

As Indigenous communities strive to become whole again, we must also remember the importance of our individual health.

One in three Indigenous people face mental wellness issues and many lack the support to help ease the issue. Soar Above Stigma aims to provide those suffering from addictions, mental health, or COVID-related matters a space to see that they are not alone in our communities while providing outreach support and stigma education for all Indigenous community members. By supporting our communities and looking towards traditional teachings we hope to put an end to the stigma of talking openly about these issues.

Embody our Values. Empower our people. Soar Above Stigma

We will be sharing stories of Indigenous well-being from across Turtle Island.

Kindness & Purpose


Compassion & Meaning

Chevi Rabbit

Acceptance & Belonging

Serenity Bird

Continue the Journey

Check out the real-time Soar Above Stigma stories of community members on social media. By using the hashtag on any social platform and sharing your mental health, addictions, or COVID journey, you too can contribute to the wellbeing of Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.

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